Belek Golf Club

Belek is a Turkish sports center where competitions for golf professionals and amateurs are held annually. Golf Club in Belek is an aristocratic game that is available to everyone

Belek Golf Club
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Belek Golf Club opens its season in September and runs until early summer. Such a schedule for the club was developed taking into account the fact that in the off-season the sun no longer burns, but allows you to play the game throughout the day. If this is your first time on the field, here you will be offered effective training that will allow you to quickly reach the level of the pro. Already on the first day, you will be taught how to properly hold the club in your hands, show the principle of hitting the ball and reveal all the terminology.You can learn the basics in three days. There are longer courses, it all depends on your time and capabilities.

There are several Golf Clubs in Belek. The most popular are National, Gloria Golf Resort, Robinson Nobilis, Antalya and TAT Golf Belek International. It has the best golf courses, state-of-the-art equipment, ergonomic design and lots of practice. If you are looking to learn how to play golf in Belek, the resort has several themed hotels with their own golf courses. This option is preferable for amateurs. So you will save time on the road to the golf courses, which is always scarce on vacation. And in your free hours from games and beach holidays, we recommend going to sea on an Private Boat trip in Belek - only you and your loved ones! Choose your route and fully feel the beauty of the sea and the coast, without unnecessary fuss, noise and rush. Let your vacation be bright, eventful and the best!