Perge Aspendos And Kursunlu Waterfall

Spend a fascinating day on a tour of Perge amphitheater, Aspendos arena and Kursunlu waterfall with Belek Travel! In this informative tour, you will visit two ancient cities, Perge and Aspendos. You will also visit the beautiful Kursunlu waterfall in the nearby nature park.

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Route scheme and description

Explore ancient streets and picturesque natural areas with Perge Aspendos Kursunlu Waterfall. This visit to Perge Aspendos Kursunlu offers something for everyone. According to legend, Perge was founded in the 13th-12th century BC and was quite a wealthy city. The amphitheater, stadium, remains of the city walls, and Roman baths are well-preserved, and the central street with its marble columns gives you a sense of how ancient people lived. The amphitheater was built in the 1st century AD and accommodated 15,000 spectators. Sculptures of gods and emperors were installed in the building’s niches and are now stored in the Archaeological Museum of Antalya. Opposite the amphitheater you will see the largest ancient stadium in Asia Minor, designed for 12,000 onlookers. Columns and arches surround the stadium, and some of the arches still bear the names of the trade shops, goods and shopkeepers who once served the stadium’s guests. The Roman baths, or terms, are another must-see attraction in Perge. The terms were social and cultural centers where important issues were discussed while citizens enjoyed the steam rooms, swimming pools and massage rooms.

Perge Aspendos Kursunlu Waterfall tour next point in the tour will be the impressive city of Aspendos, founded in the 10th century BC. Along with its own well-preserved amphitheater, you will become acquainted with the arched bridge and huge aqueduct, the basilica and the acropolis. You can climb the hill to take photos of the amphitheater from a height. You will then proceed to the Kursunlu National Park with its scenic 18-meter waterfall surrounded by centuries-old pines and cedars. The waterfall is a cascading multi-stage system connecting seven reservoirs to each other. The waterfall is easy to access and includes viewing terraces. There are also similar tour Side city tour from Belek.

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Adult 1€
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Tour schedule

  • Get From The Hotel With Air Conditioned And Comfortable Bus 
  • Visit Ancient City Of Perge
  • Stop For Lunch
  • Visit Ancient City Of Aspendos
  • Visit Kursunlu National Park (Waterfall)
  • Return Hotel
Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
IncludesTransfer, Insurance, English-Speaking Guide, Lunch.
ExcludesDrinks, Entrance Ticket To Kursunlu National Park, Entrance Ticket To Antique Perge.
RecommendedSport Shoes, Sunscreen, Glasses, Water, Money For Personal ExpensesПерге-Аспендос-Куршунлу_16049247735fa93565a6895.gif
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