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Boat hire Belek Turkey, rental service offers a perfect choice for those who want to do a different activity on their birthday, marriage proposal, wedding anniversary or special days in yachts in Antalya Turkey Belek. Antalya boat hire prices are kept affordable, luxury private yachts are ready to provide you an unforgettable day in the cool waters of the Mediterranean. If you wish, our boat can be decorated according to the meaning of the day. We will be happy to see you among us in this special tour.

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Boat hire Belek Turkey description

Boat hire Belek Turkey: frequently asked questions by guests about luxury yacht rental in Antalya Turkey

In this article, you can get responses to your questions about the price you asked us about  Boat rental Belek Antalya, the size of the yachts, places to visit and many similar questions.

What is the difference between renting a boat in Belek with or without a captain?

Private boat trip with captain in Belek: After you arrive at the marina with private vehicles from your hotel in Belek, you will be welcomed by the staff and captain of our yacht. Rest assured that our professional captains will provide the most suitable environment for you. All you have to do is to enjoy this magnificent private yatch tour. Boat rental in Belek without a skipper: In order to hire a boat without a skipper in Belek, you must have a boating license. Because the licenses vary according to the size of the boat.

Daily yacht and boat rental in Belek, Antalya

Daily yacht and boat rental in Antalya Belek is the most ideal tour organization to celebrate a birthday or another event, have a fun  with your friends, spend time with your family or surprise your lover. For this event, we provide hourly, daily or a few days' accommodation. Booking a yacht is very easy, just write to us. Please contact us previously in order to join the tour on the date you want, because daily private yacht tour in Belek attracts great attention by  all our guests. For this reason, we can not  book easily in  the date you want in busy times.

Private boat tour in Antalya Belek

Belek Travel offers you the highest quality service at the most affordable prices on a private boat tour in Belek, Antalya. We have yachts of different sizes. We have many boats that are affordable for  every budget and every expectation. You can also fish on our boat if you wish.

Boat rental Belek prices

How much does Antalya Belek boat rental prices cost? Our prices are very suitable for private yacht charter. The price depends on the boat and the number of people and starts at €200 (for 4 hours). Everything will depend on your preferences and wishes. As Belek Travel, we will choose the most suitable option for you and we will spend all our efforts for this. For this, please contact us or leave us your phone number, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Boat rental Turkey

Boat rental Turkey in Antalya Belek is the most liked and preferred tour program by our customers. You can enjoy the pure beauty of the Mediterranean and the soft sun, and get away from the noise of the city and foreigners on this private tour that you will reserve for yourself.

Luxury yacht charter in Turkey and Belek private boat trip route

Luxury yacht charter in Turkey and Belek private boat trip route: You will have a short road trip to the marina with our free luxury vehicles from the hotel, apartment or villa where you are spending your holiday. Then, on our tour that will start from the port of Belek, you will sail to the open sea and see vast expanses, swim along the coast, and swim in the purest waters. Also, upon your request, our captain will take you to the area where the Düden Waterfall, the most popular waterfall of Antalya, spills into the sea, and will take you to the turtle island where you can see giant turtles.

What are the dimensions of Antalya Belek luxury private yachts?

The size of the luxury and private boats used in the Belek varies according to the number of people and expectations of our guests. We have different numbers of boats from 12 meters in length to 24 meters in length. If you contact us, we can easily share pictures or videos of our boats over your personal phones.

Antalya Belek hourly boat rental prices

Our Antalya Belek hourly boat rental prices are very suitable for everyone. The cost will depend on the yacht itself, the number of people and the number of hours spent on the yacht. For example, for a small boat for 2-4 people, the cost would be €100 for 1 hour. There are different options for larger families and our customers who want more luxury yachts.

Rent a yacht in Turkey - Belek

You can contact us for Rent a yacht in Belek Turkey and have a great time at the most affordable price. Private transfer, VIP boat with captain, rest and entertainment on the boat, fresh fish, lunch and drinks are waiting for you. Upon your request, we can decorate our special boat according to the meaning and importance of the day.

How would you like to celebrate your special days on a luxury private yacht arranged just for you with Boat rental in Belek? In our personalized tour, which will be under your control only, we offer a wonderful tour in the cool waters and bays of the Mediterranean Sea, with your family and loved ones, away from the crowds, where no one will disturb you, full of peace and plenty of sun and sea.

Boat rental Antalya

Boat rental Belek tour program offers delicious lunches and soft drinks specially prepared for you by our boat staff. Our guests who want alcohol can benefit from the bar section for a fee. Imagine that there is a restaurant in the middle of the sea. Here we offer a restaurant in the middle of the sea for you. You are surrounded by a deep blue sea and your neighbors are sea creatures, it is an amazing feeling. Close your eyes and imagine lying on the deck of this private yacht, swimming and then eating this delicious meal. If you want to make your dream come true, contact us.

Belek yacht and boat rental does not have to be a tour for special occasions only. You can turn this private yacht tour into a tour where you and your loved ones will be decisive (party or rest). In fact, our guests who want to fish are offered the opportunity to fish by bringing the available fishing gear or by getting them from our boat. In a private yacht tour, you are the boss, you can take a break, swim or sunbathe wherever you want. We offer tour Belek boat trip as an alternative. You need to fill in the reservation part and 24/7 It will be possible to reach our service personnel through the site. We will be glad to serve you

Boat hire Belek Turkey from resort areas

Private Yacht in Bogazkent

Don't you want to swim With your family on a private boat in Bogazkent a time and anywhere? This tour is the way you want it to be.

Rent a Boat İn Kadriye

You can rent a private boat in Kadriye town and swim and have fun on the high seas with your loved ones.

Private Boat in Serik

You can enjoy the sea with our private boats in Serik. We offer you service with our newest and most luxurious boats.

Boat hire Belek Turkey price list

Adult 90€
Children (1 - 1 Ages ) 1€
Infants (0 - 0 Ages ) 1€

Tour schedule

  • To Find Out How To Hire A Boat in Belek And Find Out The Price, Be Sure To Write To Us through Watsapp or Viber. Yacht Prices Will Surprise You 
  • Pick Up From The Hotel With Air-Conditioned And Comfortable Buses
  • Arrival At The Port
  • Departure For An Private Boat Trip in Belek
  • Yacht Tour Along The Coast
  • Visit To The Ancient City And Phaselis Beach (Optional)
  • Stops in The Picturesque Bays And The Open Sea For Swimming
  • Tasty Lunch On Board The Yacht
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Return To The Port And Return Transfer To The Hotel

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
Every hour
IncludesTransfer, Insurance, English-Speaking Captain, Boat Trip On The Open Sea (4-5 hours), Lunch, Soft Drinks (Unlimited).
RecommendedBathing Accessories, Towels, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Headwear. If You Are Celebrating An Event Or Holiday, We Can Decorate The Yacht For You
Boat hire Belek Turkey
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