Kadriye things to do, excursions and tours


What we need to know : Kadriye things to do, excursions and tours - Kadriye entertainment can be described as a youth facility with a lot of discos. Kadriye has everything for a big holiday.
Famous accommodation places : Castle Belek 4*, Robinson Club Nobilis HV-1, Innvista Hotels Belek 5*, Sarp Hotels Belek 4*, Kaya Belek 5*, Bellis Deluxe 5*, Green Max 5*, The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel 5*
How far from the center of Antalya : 43 km
Distance to Alanya center : 115 km
Distance to Alanya airport : 29 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : 154 km
Registered population living all year : 12000
Famous place to swim : Shredded white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, gentle shore, no waves
Places to visit : The Land Of Legends, Forza 2000
Shopping malls : Ykm Sport, Land of Legend

Kadriye is the center of entertainment and noisy parties. The hotels are located on the first coastline and offer high quality service. It sits in a long strip along the beaches and is equipped with all the infrastructure required to spend the perfect holiday stylish hotels! Kadriye is called "city" because everything is gathered here for a comfortable holiday: swimming pools, water parks, discos, shopping, entertainment centers... This area is very attractive for young people. Kadriye is home to many sports fields and football fields. And it's a place where golf fans are often preferred. The courses for golf play are considered high quality and the best in the world. The most important feature of the district was the Garden of Religions, which easily and friendlyly got along with the Orthodox Church, synagogue and mosque.

        What to see: go on tours from Kadriye, visit The Land of Legends Theme Park, Tolerance Garden, Turtle Sculpture Group, Entrance Arch to Kadriye, Central Fountain, City Mosque, City Park, Boy on barrel art object Belek Travel invites you to visit our best excursions to Kadriye.
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