Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days

Belek to Cappadocia tour, for spend three unforgettable 3 days. Cappadocia balloon festival from Belek will introduce you to amazing natural and man-made creations! You will see the unique sights of Turkey and visit interesting places. You can fly in a hot air balloon and enjoy the picturesque views of the valleys.

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Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days description

From Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days will give you great pleasure. The first day of Cappadocia excursion is rich and exciting. We will go on a fantastic trip, and the trip will be comfortable. In the city of Seydisheir we will have breakfast and go to the city of Konya to the Residence of Dervish "Museum of Mevlana", where the tomb of the great thinker Jalaleddin Rumi is located. We'll have lunch at a local restaurant with delicious treats. Then we will get acquainted with the city, which was cut down in the rock in the 4th century and goes deep into the earth. There are a lot of recesses, wells and rooms with low ceilings, where people could hide without going up until 3 months.

After being staying in the room, you will attend the secret ceremony of the dervishes "Sema" where you will get acquainted with the culture and traditions of this people. You will see a fantastic sunset in the Red Valley. The second day of Belek Cappadocia tour 3 days will begin with a unique opportunity to climb the balloon up and enjoy the magnificent views. We will go to the mesmerizing valleys of Derwent (Valley of Fantasy) and Monks (Pashabag Valley), where we will enjoy the stunning scenery. In addition, we will visit the city of Chavushin, cut down in the rock! There we will see the unique church of John the Baptist, which is carved into the rock. Next, we will get acquainted with the amazing city of pottery - Avanos. We will have the opportunity to visit the craft workshop and see how the beauty of clay is made.

Cappadocia balloon festival

For Cappadocia balloon festival contact us by planning your holiday in advance. Let us organize the Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days by telling you the days of Cappadocia balloon festival.

Having dined in the local restaurant of traditional dishes, we will go to the picturesque Valley of Love, where we will enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, get acquainted with the fascinating "Museum of the open air Goreme" and the fortress of Uchisar. After that, we will go to an interesting and unusual leather studio! And our adventures will end with an incredibly exciting and enchanting performance of "Turkish Night in Cappadocia".

The third day of Belek Cappadocia Tour for 3 days will start with a mesmerizing and magnificent view of the sunrise and set off for a delicious and fragrant breakfast. Then we will go to the center of the stones of Anatolia and make a few stops along the way, where we will admire the magnificent scenery of Uchguzel (Three Beauties) and Ortahisar (Middle Fortress). We will visit the Caravan-Saray "Oresin Khan" on the way to which we will see the Valley of the Doves.

If your holiday is not very long, then you can choose Cappadocia tour from Belek for 2 days! You can book excursions of the day on our website or through the manager. Also on the site you will be able to see all our offers on exciting excursions, their prices and reviews of our customers.

Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days from resort areas

Cappadocia 3 Days From Bogazkent

Bogazkent to Cappadocia 3 Days tour - We recommend you to go on Cappadocia tour, which is flooded with tourists for 12 months of the year, during your holiday in Bogazkent. This tour, where you can fly like birds in the sky with hot air balloons, is really exclusive tour.

Cappadocia 3 Days From Kadriye

Kadriye to Cappadocia - In Cappadocia, which is a magnificent place with its different shapes and under-ground caves caused by volcanic eruption, you can look at the earth with a bird's eye view with a hot air balloon in the early hours of the morning. This tour, which will start from Kadriye, promises you a 3-day program that you will not forget.

Cappadocia 3 Days From Serik

Serik to Cappadocia - Cappadocia tour, which consists of interesting shapes consisting of under-ground caves, historical churches, caravanserais and lava as a result of volcanic eruption, is a different kind of tour and one of our most beautiful tours. We look forward to this beautiful tour.

Belek to Cappadocia tour for 3 days price list

Adult 150€
Children (4 - 8 Ages ) 75€
Infants (0 - 3 Ages ) Free

Tour schedule

Day One:

  • Pick Up From The Hotel With Air-Conditioned And Comfortable Buses
  • Departure To Cappadocia From Belek
  • First Breakfast Stop (Lunch Box From The Hotel)
  • Excursion To The Underground City Of Saratli
  • Turkish Village Of Cavuşin
  • Walking Through The Valley "Three Beauties"
  • Lunch At The Restaurant (Buffet, Optional)
  • A Tour Of The City of Goreme
  • A Tour Of The Goreme National Museum
  • Check-In At The Hotel 4 Star With Stone Stile
  • Dinner At The Hotel 
  • "Turkish Night in Cappadocia" (Optional)

Day Two:  

  • A Trip To The Parade Of Hot Air Balloons In Cappadocia
  • Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia (1 Hour, At Will)
  • Visit The Onyx Factory
  • Ihlara Valley - Viewing Platform, Time For Photos
  • Walk Through The Rose Valley And Pashabag Valley
  • Lunch At The Restaurant (Buffet, Optional)
  • Kizilirmak River Valley - Walk, Photo
  • A Tour Of The City Of Avanos - The Center Of Pottery Culture And Carpet Weaving

Day Three: 

  • A Trip To The Parade Of Balloons At Dawn (Optional, If On The Second Day Flew On A Ball)
  • Breakfast And Eviction
  • Visit To A Pottery Shop And A Gift Shop
  • Walking Through The Valley Of The Pigeons, Time For A Photo
  • A Tour Of The Caravan-Saray (Karavan House)
  • Lunch At The Restaurant (Buffet, Optional)
  • Departure From Cappadocia To Belek
  • Return To Hotels

Need to know in advance

Tour daysTuesday, Friday
Tour hours
Includestransfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, hotel accommodation, two breakfasts at the hotel (+hot drinks), 2 dinners at the hotel, hotel accommodation (2 nights)
Excludeslunches (buffet), entrance tickets to attractions, ticket for the Turkish Night performance and dervish ceremony, hot air balloon flight, transfer to the parade of balloons, single room
RecommendedComfortable Shoes, Light Sweater, Camera, Water, Sunscreen, Sunglasses. lunchbox For Breakfast
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