How to get to Tazy canyon from Belek

You can get to the Tazy canyon from Belek with a rented car or with an organized tour. This stunning place is located 80 km from Belek in the Köprülü National Park

How to get to Tazy canyon from Belek
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The easiest way to get to the Tazy canyon from Belek is as part of an excursion. It's safer, more interesting, and possibly even cheaper this way. The road to the canyon is very beautiful - a view of the mountains, serpentine and a lot of greenery along the way. But, the path is not smooth everywhere. There are areas with steep bends and places where a high seating position is required. It is risky to drive an ordinary passenger car. But, if you still decide to go on your own, Tazy Canyon is located on the road to the city of Manavgat. Coordinates 753J + 87 Gaziler, Manavgat / Antalya.

For the most curious and active there is an excellent inexpensive Tazy Canyon from Belek Antalya the page of the site. We will pick you up from the Belek hotel and its districts in a comfortable minibus. The guide will tell you all the most amazing details about the history of the canyon. You will see historical monuments along the way and scenic areas that nature has carefully created for millions of years. You will visit the ancient city of Selge and the Adamkalayar gorge, where human figures are carved into the rocks. It captures the life and life of people in one moment. And then, to consolidate the impressions received, you will go on rafting or quad safari.

Such an eventful trip does not require prepayment and will cost only $ 30, which is more profitable than taking all this separately. Book and embark on an amazing adventure with the whole family.