Suluada Trip From Belek

Is it possible to find a deserted island lost in the Mediterranean in Turkey? We know such a place. An exciting excursion awaits you on Suluada Island from Belek to meet the breathtaking views. Since there is not a single hotel, cafe and shop on the island, you will take a break from the city views.

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Sulaada from Belek is often compared to the Maldives, and there's a reason. Turkey is rich in landscapes. Some of them have long been popular with tourists. However, there are other places that deserve attention. One of them is Sulu Ada, which is a small island. You will discover many new and interesting things.

Suluada from Belek will be a great sea trip for the whole family. The volcanic island of Suluada is uninhabited, but ideal for relaxing on local beaches and swimming in picturesque coves. An island of incredible beauty. It is washed by the purest azure sea (in some places it can be seen up to 20 meters deep) and around nature untouched by man. This trip will especially appeal to lovers of eco-tourism and lovers of unspoiled nature, where you are surrounded not by the noise and bustle of the city, but by the sounds of nature. You will truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unity with nature and you will be able to enjoy your holiday.

With the Suluada tour from Belek, you will find yourself in a corner of heaven. Its white beaches and turquoise waters (like Salda Lake) have been compared to the Maldives. The island has two beaches. The south is sandy and there are beautiful large stones next to the rocks. And in the northwestern part of the island there is a beach with light sand and small pebbles. There are rocks and rocky debris scattered around, on which great pictures can be taken. You will have a great opportunity to sail on a yacht from Adrasan port to the island and sunbathe on its magnificent beaches and swim in the clear sea. A delicious lunch will be prepared for you, which you will enjoy in the bosom of nature.

After that we will go to another beach of the island, the famous "Bay of Maldives", where you can swim, take photos and videos and have a tea party with fruits. Also, our trip will go to the spring water source. It is located on the island itself and has supplied water to sailors since ancient times. We are also waiting for you to have a pleasant walk, rest and swim in the magnificent Akseki Bay (Adrasan Bay) as you will have only wonderful memories!

Suluada Trip from Belek can be very simple on our website, with no upfront payment and no commission of any kind. The island is gaining popularity among tourists. And this is not surprising, because this is truly an island of Paradise in the sea. Join our excursions and have an unforgettable holiday! On our site there are a large number of excursions in various directions. Whether it's a relaxing holiday at the Hamam in Belek or a flight to Istanbul, you can use any excursion you want.

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