Fishing tour in Antalya Belek

Fishing tour in Antalya Belek, we invite anyone who wants to take part in a real sea fishing in Turkey. Our professional fishing captain will accompany you and spend your day catching plenty of fish.

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Fishing tour in Antalya Belek description

Fishing tour in Antalya Belek - Taking a vacation in Belek? Don't miss the opportunity to go on a sea fishing in Belek. Turkey is not only the sea, the sun and the beach. There are a lot of interesting sights and breathtaking corners of nature.

Sea Fishing tour in Antalya Belek is an exotic activity, which will be appreciated not only by professional fishermen with great experience, but also only by novice anglers! Even if you do not know what a fishing rod and spinning, you still do not rush to refuse our offer!

Catch fish in the Mediterranean with a private boat in Belek

Sea Fishing in Belek is an private tour, so the yacht will only be at your disposal. You will be able to comfortably spend time: swim in the most picturesque places, sunbathe on the deck, where especially for you will be laid out soft and comfortable mats. Listen to the splash of waves and inhale the sea air. It's a lot of fun.

For somebody, fishing is a hobby, and for someone a whole life. Our English-speaking captain is an experienced sailor and an avid fisherman, he knows exactly where the flocks of fish are found. We will definitely prepare for you all the necessary fishing gear and bait, so without a catch you will not be left. Experienced instructors will help you cope with the excitement and show how to catch sea fish. And if luck turns to you face, and you catch a weighty fish, they are sure to come to your aid.

Sea fishing tour in Antalya Belek is so exciting that not only men, but often women and children take part in it. The excitement of the catch comes instantly as soon as you throw the hook into the sea.

For our customers, we organize the most comfortable conditions for rest. Sea fishing takes place early in the morning, when the catch can be as productive as possible. We will follow you to your hotel and deliver you to the pier, where you will be waiting for a luxury yacht and our team. You will meet a stunning sunrise and on a snow-white yacht will go on a journey.

Our captain, will track shoals of fish and change dislocation, so you can see many beautiful corners of nature, enjoy the vast expanses of the sea and take a break from the noise.

Sea fishing is different from fishing from the shore. If you are a fan of fishing sitting on the shore, then you will be great excursion Picnic and fishing on Lake Karacaoren, where you will have a great time and enjoy a quiet fishing on the lake, surrounded by centuries-old forests and birdsong!

Trust the professionals with your leisure time, and you will get the brightest impressions, you can also order from us and other private excursions in Belek.

You can check out the questions you are interested in on the tour and find out its cost, you will be able to our managers. Write us your questions or leave an application for booking a tour and the manager will contact you to clarify the details! You don't have to waste time on a trip to the office! Any tour you can easily book online and it's completely free! We trust our customers and therefore do not take any prepayments, contributions and interest. The entire cost of the tour is paid for on the day of the trip!

Fishing tour in Antalya Belek from resort areas

Sea Fishing in Bogazkent

Sea Fishing in Bogazkent - We organize this beautiful tour for our customers who want to go on tour with a professional fisherman and fishing boat in Bogazkent. We have all our fishing equipment.

Sea Fishing in Kadriye

Sea Fishing in Kadriye - During your holiday in Kadriye, customers who want to go on tour by a private fishing boat can contact us. We'll grill the fish you catch in the middle of the sea for you and have them ready to serve.

Sea Fishing From Serik

Sea Fishing From Serik - We have a nice tour schedule for fishing enthusiasts. This tour, which is special, will be available only to you and the people you want.

Fishing tour in Antalya Belek price list

Passenger 25€
Adult 50€
Children (5 - 11 Ages ) 50€
Infants (0 - 4 Ages ) Free

Tour schedule

  • Transfer From Hotel To Pier
  • Guidance Service
  • Fishing On Theopen Seas
  • Fish Grill
  • Swimming Break, Rest On Deck
  • Go Back To The Pier
  • Return To The Hotel Transfer

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
2 Times a Day
IncludesTransfer From Your Hotel , Providing The Necessary Fishing Gear, Catch Preparation Accessories, lunch and Soft Drinks
RecommendedBathing Accessories, Towels, Sunglasses And Glasses, Hats, Essentials, Snacks And Drinks
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