Turkey Belek Turtles

The coast of the Belek area is a favorite nesting site for sea turtles in Turkey. Little turtles appear in July-September

Turkey Belek Turtles
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Turkey Belek Turtles: There is a private beach in Belek, which is specially designed so that turtles can safely swim to it to breed offspring. View of Caretta - Caretta, which has been living on our planet for 95 million years, almost disappeared at the end of the 20th century. Poor fellows have long been a delicacy in the Far East and Europe. Thanks to caring people, the population was preserved. Adults reach up to 150 cm with a weight of 80-90 kg. During the laying period, the turtle digs 80-100 holes in the sand with its hind legs. Interestingly, she directs all the eggs only to the one that she liked the most.

The cubs, having got out of the mink, run towards the sea, guided by the moonlight. Toddlers need to be in time before dawn. Otherwise, they will be destroyed by the heat, wild animals or birds that willingly feast on such prey. The strongest survive in the sea, and those who have not been eaten by the fish. As adults, they return to their homeland to give life to a new generation.

Besides Belek, Turkey has 16 more protected turtle embankments. One of them is the picturesque Iztuzu Beach, which separates the river and the sea. There you can see giant turtles in the wild on the Oludeniz and Dalyan excursions from Belek. You will take a yacht ride, visit the ancient city of Kaunos, visit the famous Peloid mud baths, walk along the most beautiful Saklikent canyon, swim in the Blue Lagoon. And this is just a small part of the two-day program. Book a tour on our website, give yourself a great mood and fireworks of impressions.