Belek Salda distance

The distance from Belek resort to Salda Lake is about 200 km to the north-west. The Turkish natural wonder is located in the Burdur region in the Yesilova region

Belek Salda distance
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The combination of emerald water with a white coastline creates an incredible look, as if the picture had been worked on for a long time in Photoshop. This is due to the fact that the coastal surface does not consist of fine sand, but of the mineral hydromagnesite. Black blotches of this mixture shine, shimmering in the rays of the sun. Here are some of the most beautiful photographs in Turkey.

What makes Lake Salda special is the presence of healing mud on its shores, with a high concentration of magnesium. Unlike the mud we are used to, it does not smell, there is no hydrogen sulfide. And, in terms of useful properties, such dirt is in no way inferior to the classical one. A mask made from such clay renews and refreshes the skin on a hot day.

How to get to Salda Lake?

To get from Belek to Lake Salda on your own, you need to take a bus to the Burdur area (4.5 hours drive with all stops). There is no direct transport to the lake yet. In the city of Burdur, you need to change to a train to Yesilova or take a taxi. When traveling by car, you will need the coordinates of Lake Salda 37.549273, 29.682942.

The most interesting and profitable option is an excursion from Belek Lake Salda and Pamukkale. You will visit two wonderful places in the country at once for $ 50. As part of the tour, a comfortable transfer from your hotel, guide services, breakfast, lunch and dinner, entrance tickets to all attractions. Book without prepayment and go on a beautiful trip with the whole family.