Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey

Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions. There will be no limit to your happiness. You will be fascinated by the friendly and lovely dolphins who will surround you with care and their hospitality. Communication with dolphins is incredibly healthy.

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Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey description

Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey - Would you like to spend time with great animals? We prepared for a Swimming with dolphins in Antalya Turkey. We are happy to give you the opportunity to enjoy the promotion of these unique and incredible kind animals.

From Belek to dolphin park, we will serve you with comfortable and air-conditioned cars. This adventure, which starts at your hotel, will be a pleasure you have never tasted before.

It's no secret that dolphins are considered the smartest animals. They're great! If you see them, your love for them will last a lifetime. It's unforgettable.

Swimming with dolphins takes place in a modern dolphin aquarium and is completely safe for adults and children. Our experienced instructors will help you communicate with dolphins and teach them how to communicate.

Swimming with dolphins in Belek Türkiye is designed for you and for your comfort! It will be a great time with dolphins and fill with positive emotions, and bright impressions will stay with you for life. Swimming is particularly suitable for children, because it is not only a great pastime, but also a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state of both children and adults. Experience unforgettable moments of happiness for yourself and your child.

Communication with dolphins relaxes, contributes to the increase in immunity, moreover, there are situations where children develop speech development and have a positive dynamic in the treatment of autism.

Swimming with great dolphins will give you vitality and indescribable feelings that you will remember for a long time.

Swimming with dolphins in Belek Turkey is very popular, in addition, you can buy individual dolphin therapy. We recommend that you book the dates that are appropriate for you to guarantee space in the group. You can browse the reservation on our Belek Travel website or contact our experts to help you and answer questions.

Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey from resort areas

Swimming With Dolphins in Bogazkent

Swimming With Dolphins in Bogazkent - Swimming with dolphins will help you release positive energy. You can touch, swim or even dance with these cute animals.

Swimming With Dolphins in Kadriye

Swimming With Dolphins in Kadriye - You can watch a dolphin show as a family or even swim with these cute animals. You can reward yourself and your loved ones by participating in this tour. Because you deserve it.

Swimming With Dolphins From Serik

Swimming With Dolphins From Serik - We will be happy to help our customers who want to watch the dolphin and seal show, which is one of the cute animals of the underwater world, or even swim with them.

Swim with dolphins Belek Turkey price list

Passenger 15€
Adult 110€

Tour schedule

  • Get From The Hotel With Air Conditioned and Comfortable Bus
  • Arrival in The Dolphinarium
  • Coaching
  • Swimming With Dolphins 
  • Professional Photo And Video Shooting (0ptional, Paid Separately)
  • Return Transfer To The Hotel

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
2 Times a Day
IncludesTransfer, Insurance, English-Speaking Guide and Instructor
ExcludesProfessional Photo and Video Shooting
RecommendedBathing ccessories and towels. The date and time of swimming with dolphins is booked in advance, please discuss this with our manager
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