Belek Travel Privacy Policy


Personal data

Belek Travel respects your privacy and takes all necessary measures to ensure the safe storage of your information at all times. We guarantee that your information will not be used and we undertake that it will not be transferred to third parties. Your data, such as e-mail received by us during the checkout process, phone number or other contact information, will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be distributed.

Identification Description

Belek Travel never transfers personal data of our clients to third parties. We can transfer personal information only at the official request of government agencies. In other cases, your information is safe.

Server statistics

We conduct daily analysis on our site to make the site work better. These reports do not contain any personal information and are not linked to the personal data of site visitors.

IP address

IP addresses are connected to the Internet on every computer. They are used to describe and exchange information and provide it to users of the site. Belek Travel uses IP addresses to track customers in the booking system. This ensures secure payment transactions and fraud protection. We cannot see or forward anyone's IP address other than the booking engine.

Secure data transmission

Belek Travel uses a secure SSL connection, which is based on 256-bit data encryption, to ensure the highest level of security for all your personal data and credit card information.

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