Are there mountains in Belek

There are no mountains in the resort of Belek, but in its vicinity there is the majestic Taurus mountain range, reaching an altitude of 2365 meters. In summer, you can walk here for a long time, escaping the heat, and in winter you can go downhill skiing

Are there mountains in Belek
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The nearest mountains cannot be reached on foot from Belek. But you can quickly get by car, bus or as part of an excursion group to the outskirts of the Kemer resort - Beldibi, Goynuk and others. It is there that the most beautiful mountains are near Belek. There is a stunning landscape, clean mountain air and many hiking trails for hikers.

The easiest way to get to the mountains from Belek is to book a Tahtali cable car tour. You and your loved ones will be picked up at the hotel and taken to Olympos Park. You will climb the mountains by cable car, to the main peak, which is located at an altitude of more than 2300 meters. It offers incredible views of the coastline, mountains and surrounding resorts.

The ascent that you make is called "sea to sky", where every minute the landscape will change from pine groves to mountain cedars and alpine plains. An amazing 360-degree panorama opens from the top point. You will have a guide and about two hours to walk, take photos and enjoy the scenery. There is a restaurant at the top where you can relax and dine. On such a trip, travelers reboot, taking a break from the hot beach and resort bustle. As they say, only mountains can be better than mountains.