Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek

Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek will give a great mood and a rich program. You will visit the famous terraces, the Cleopatra Pool and the springs of Karahait, an ancient Ierapolis with its unique ruins. And also get to know the local villages and villages! You will find an exciting journey.

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Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek description

Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek is a healthy program with body pain problem. Drive from Belek to Denizli where Pamukkale is located for about 4 hours. Distance Belek - Denizli (Pamukkale) 282 kilometers. Spend your day with a tour of Pamukkale from Belek (1 day), which can rightly be attributed to a natural miracle. Pamukkale includes 17 geothermal springs with a water temperature of 35 to 100 C Celsius and dazzling travertine white limestone terraces that resemble cascades, bowls or shells. They were formed thanks to thermal springs, which are saturated with carbonates. This place of indescribable beauty, tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the views of the snow-white plateau, because such landscapes are nowhere to be found. And also, since antiquity, people have used these sources to strengthen their health and rejuvenate, because these waters have medicinal properties and have a healing effect on health and beauty.

Pamukkale tour from Belek 2 day will start in the early morning from your hotel. We will make a stop for breakfast (don't forget to bring a lunch box with you at the hotel). On the way, already very close to Pamukkale, we will stop at the onyx factory, where we will be told and shown how the incredible beauty of the product is made, after which we will stop for lunch in the restaurant. Upon arrival in Pammukale, we will visit the thermal springs and enjoy its stunning white terraces. The trip also includes a walk through the ancient city of Hierapolis, where we will explore its ruins, the Roman amphitheatre, and the Necropolis of Hierapolis.

The Pamukkale tour from Belek 2 Day Antalya includes a bit of free time, where you can visit the Cleopatra Pool for an extra fee. This is the place where the warm mineral waters of Pamukkale rise to the surface. Even in winter the water temperature here is about 35 degrees. After such a bathing in the healing waters of hot springs, many people note the stunning relaxing effect and getting rid of ailments! On the way back we will visit the red springs of Karahait, where you can also swim if you wish. After that, we will stop for a free tasting in the cellar of fruit wines, where we will taste the delicious real wines of Turkey. Then we will visit the textile factory, then stop for dinner in the restaurant and go to the hotel in pamukkale.

And if you want a richer program, you will find a two-day tour of Pamukkale and Ephesus from Belek. Everyone can allow a tour of Pamukkale from Belek. You can read the price and issue a ticket on our website yourself or through our manager

Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek from resort areas

Pamukkale 2 Days From Bogazkent

During this two-day tour from Bogazkent to Pamukkale in Denizli province, you can get rid of some discomfort in your body by swimming in mineral thermal waters. Pamukkale is a health center.

Pamukkale 2 Days Tour From Kadriye

amukkale 2 Days Tour From Kadriye - We invite you to Pamukkale tour, which is a health center for our valued customers who are vacationing in Kadriye and has healing waters. You can also visit the ancient cities of Hiearapolis and Nekrapolis.

Pamukkale 2 Days Trip From Serik

Pamukkale 2 Days Trip From Serik - Pamukkale travertines, which are covered with a white background, are one of the most visited health centers in Turkey. Come and visit this beautiful city.

Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek price list

Adult 80€
Children (4 - 10 Ages ) 40€
Infants (0 - 3 Ages ) Free

Tour schedule

  • Day One:
  • Get From The Hotel With Air Conditioned And Comfortable Bus
  • Start The Tour in Pamukkale From Belek
  • Breakfast Stop (Breakfest Box From The Hotel)
  • Lunch At The Restaurant (Buffet)
  • Arrival in Pamukkale, Travertine Terraces Pamukkale (Thermal Springs)
  • Free Time, Sightseeing, Walk, Photo, Swimming in Cleopatra Pool (Optional)
  • Visit To The Ancient Hierapolis - The Main Square, Streets, Buildings, Amphitheater, Necropolis 
  • Free Time For Sightseeing And Photos
  • Check in At The Hotel 
  • Dinner And Entertainment At The Hotel (Optional)


  • Day Two:
  • Delicious Breakfast At The Hotel
  • Eviction From The Hotel
  • Visit To The Red Thermal Springs of Karahayit (Entrance Tickets and bathing - at will)
  • Arrival At The Winery, Free Tasting Of Real Turkish, Very Tasty Wines
  • Stop At The Weaving Shop and Textiles Gift Shop
  • Visiting a Local Turkish Village 
  • Dinner At The Restaurant
  • Return To Belek

Need to know in advance

Tour daysMonday, Wednesday, Saturday
Tour hours
Includestransfer from / to hotels, insurance, English-speaking guide, breakfast on the second day, dinner on the first day, hotel accommodation (surcharge is charged for a single room).
ExcludesCleopatra's pool (optional), lunches (optional), drinks, entrance fees to Pamukkale
RecommendedComfortable Clothes And Shoes, Bathing Accessories, Towels, Sunscreen, Glasses, Water. Order Breakfast With Yourself At The Reception (Lunch Box)
Pamukkale 2 Day Tour From Belek
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