Buggy safari Belek

Buggy safari Belek in Turkey, We would like to see everyone who wants to have an adventurous day on this tour. With these little cars, we'll get to the top of the excitement and adrenaline. The buggy safari between the creek, hill, river and forests will help you have a beautiful day in Belek.

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Buggy safari Belek description

Buggy safari Belek - For those who are not afraid of adventure there is a Buggy tour in Belek, prepare to conquer off-road, climb mountain peaks and cross mountain rivers. Participants in this safari tour will appreciate everything at the end of the program. Those who used buggy before already know how enjoyable it is.

Those who came on the Buggy Safari in Belek and got behind the wheel of this modern car have often been the first to drive this vehicle.
Are you also one of those who want to try Buggy Safari but have no idea what it is? Matter! A test drive will be carried out after briefly briefing you on how to use this vehicle by our instructors on our team. After this test, you'll notice how simple it is to drive this car.

Buggy is a small light car with high pass ability. It is similar to a remote four bike but more agile and capable of advancing against obstacles.
The Buggy Safari in Belek meets all safety requirements. Our team carefully monitors the health of our passengers and conducts a technical examination of the equipment before each departure outside the base.

Before the start of the race, professional trainers will definitely give you a briefing with the group and protective equipment. You don't need any driver's license to drive this car.

Buggy are very comfortable machines despite its small size. In addition, comfortable seats and driver and passenger are designed for 2 people with sturdy seat belts that hold firmly. Therefore, if you do not have the courage to get behind the wheel, you can reserve space in the passenger seat.

The Buggy safari ride takes about 3 hours. During this time, you will make a spectacular journey through the sights of Turkey, the Safari route takes a break in a picturesque location where you can take your breath and take great photos and videos as souvenirs. During the safari race, you will encounter breathtaking and dizzying panoramas that will climb and descend into the Taurus Mountains, conquer mountain off-road and mountain serpentine.

You can meet the tourist attractions of Turkey with our other trips. For example, a Jeep safari in Belek will be a great ride and you will get the opportunity to meet local people.
Can't wait to take a buggy safari tour in Belek? You can book for free on our website. You can contact our page managers and get the necessary help about the reservation.

Buggy safari Belek from resort areas

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Buggy safari Belek price list

Passenger 10€
Adult 35€

Tour schedule

  • Transferring our dear clients from their Hotels to Buggy Safari tour in Belek.
  • Arriving at the base of the Buggy Safari ;
  • Here, the participants will meet the guides and be informed about the information and rules of this tour and the training session - 20 minutes.
  • A 15-minute test drive will be conducted prior to the start of the tour.
  • Duration of the Buggy safari tour is 1:30 minutes - 20 km.
  • There is a break 15-20 minutes on the way for Photo.
  • Return our guests to their Hotels.


  • It is prohibited to drive for persons under the age of 17.
  • It is prohibited to take the phone during the tour.
  • Pregnant women and also drunk people are prohibted from participating in the tour.

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
08:30 - 18:00
IncludesTransfer, Insurance, Coaching, English-Speaking Guide, Buggy-Type Ride, Equipment
ExcludesDrinks, Professional Photo And Video Shooting (Optional)
RecommendedWater for the journey, comfortable clothes, so that it would not be a pity to get dirty, a scarf and glasses.
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