Upcoming events Belek

Upcoming events Belek - In Belek, in addition to international meetings, congresses and conferences, music and sports festivals are held annually

Upcoming events Belek
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Upcoming events Belek: Belek never gets bored even when the beach season is closed. This resort is distinguished by its brightness, activity and always finds something to surprise its guests. Upcoming events Belek is Youth and Sports Day, which is celebrated on May 19. Popular sports games, contests and competitions will be held here. For opera lovers, an international opera and ballet festival will take place. It takes place in one of the districts of Belika-Serike. For this event, a stage was chosen in the ancient theater of Aspendos, which has amazing acoustics. The organizer of this event in Belek is the Ministry of Culture of Turkey.

Music festivals are held annually in Belek. Live performances by artists are a powerful concentration of emotions and feelings, which cannot be compared with watching videos on Youtube or listening to tracks with headphones. Belek's musical events are held in the genres: rock, jazz, hip-hop, pop and others. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting them live. Such programs, as a rule, take place in large hotels of the resort. Follow the poster, book seats, get charged with the atmosphere of the powerful energy of music and dance.

Twice a week you can not only watch, but also take part in the legendary Fire of Anatolia show in Belek. Here you will get acquainted with the traditions of the Turkish people through the language of the amazing dance of all times.