Personal Cleaning and Turkish Bath

Turkish Hamam culture - Order to protect our health and not harm the people around us, we need to pay attention to our personal cleanliness. Meet the Turkish bath for your personal cleaning.

Personal Cleaning and Turkish Bath
Belek Travel

Turkish Hamam culture: Personal cleansing is one of the most important issues of our lives. One of the biggest measures to be taken in the face of the corona virus, which has recently been a problem in the world, is known as personal cleansing.
       Turkish baths in Belek which are a very old tradition, show how much turkish baths care about personal cleanliness. It also shows how important cleansing is in the Islamic religion in ablution taken before prayer in the Islamic religion.
       Peeling and foam massage turkish baths, a clean-up from head to toe, both throws dead skin in your body and allows your body to breathe. These baths are cleaned with constant disinfectants and served to the public.
       In order to be wary of any disease, we take care of our personal health and recommend that every tourist who comes to Turkey go to the bathhouse.

       With the peeling massage performed in the Turkish bath, you will have a new and fresh body replacing the dead cells in the body.