Eğirdir Lake

Egirdir Lake - In Turkey, which has many cities like paradise, I will introduce you the lake today

Eğirdir Lake
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  Egirdir Lake - Turkey is a heavenly country. No matter which city you go to, you can witness a lot of things you'll admire. Today I will talk about the lake eğirdir in Isparta province, one of the other cities of the Mediterranean region. Located in the district of Eğirdir, this lake is 34 km from Isparta province, 126 km from Antalya, 142 km from Belek. This city attracts a lot of attention from local and foreign tourists, where many activities such as birdwatching, hiking, mountain sports and photo safaris are held. It is turkey's fourth largest lake with its spinning clear beaches surrounded by apple and peach gardens.
      You can relax your spirit in this lake, which is suitable for camping and caravan tourism. It is a dam lake in the same cleaning in not far from Belek Green canyon on the Carvings dam in Manavgat. We are sure to admire this city, which has a great view again with the snow falling in winter.

      Egirdir lake, which is visited by both local and foreign tourists both in summer and winter, is one of the beautiful places to see.If you have a short holiday, of course you won't have any thoughts of visiting the equered lake. however, if you have come to Turkey more than once or live a settled life in Turkey, be sure to visit the egirdir lake from Belek.