Diving in Belek

Diving in Belek means to discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean. You will be fascinated by the incredible beauty and unique landscapes of underwater nature. You will immerse yourself in a new world, where you will meet a variety species of fish

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Diving in Belek description

Diving in Belek excursion for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are constantly on the lookout for new adventures and sensations, we invite you. This is an extreme kind of entertainment, which will give you new emotions and give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea, and the breathtaking scenery will not leave you indifferent. Diving to the depths of the sea, you will see a diverse and colorful marine life. Diving will plunge you into a completely different world, which you will fall in love with forever. You are waiting for mysterious underwater reefs, a wide variety of species of fish, mysterious caves and rocks. Scuba Diving in Belek gives an incomparable pleasant feeling of delight and joy.

Our dive scool boat to go on a journey from the port of Kemer port, on the developed route by experienced experts who have taken into account all the details and show you the most beautiful places. You will dive into the water in the most interesting places of the coast with a rich underwater world to a depth of 6 and 12 meters. The Diving program in Belek is designed for both experienced divers and beginners. Before diving, the instructor conducts a briefing on safety and rules of behavior under water. Divers need to follow all precautions and report existing diseases. Then the instructor will form small groups (maximum of 5 people). You will be given all the necessary equipment (mask, flippers, tube, wetsuit, buoyancy compensator, scuba gear, cylinder with compressed air), after which all groups will take turns to dive into the bay Kirish Aquarium. When diving you will be accompanied by two professional instructors, under the supervision of which takes place all the swimming under water. This gives more confidence to beginners and increases safety. The instructor monitors the depth, duration of the dive and the condition of the diver's equipment, thus ensuring his safety.

In Belek Diving after the first dive we will have a delicious lunch on the yacht. Next, we will move to the bay Kirish Cave, where you will again be immersed in the underwater world. Each dive lasts about 25-30 minutes. After that, we will return to the port and you will be taken back to your hotel. During the scuba diving in Belek Turkey you can use the services of a underwater photographer, the results of the shooting you can buy for an additional fee at the end of the tour.

Scuba diving Belek Turkey can be purchased on our website, in addition, you can see the price of the tour, see the reviews of our customers and see other interesting excursions in Belek.

Diving in Belek from resort areas

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Diving in Belek price list

Passenger 20€
Adult 25€

Tour schedule

  • Transferring our dear guests from their Hotels to Diving Tour in Belek.
  • Heading up to the port of Kemer.
  • Arrival at the port of Kemer and boarding on the yacht.
  • Going on a cruise.
  • Arrival to Kirish Bay (Kemer Aquarium).
  • Full instructions and training will be provided by professional instructors.
  • The first dive is 20 minutes long, at least 1 instructor dives with each person.
  • Having a rest and enjoying a delicious grilled lunch on the yacht.
  • Moving to the cave bay in Kiris, where the second dive will take place.
  • The second dive is also for 20 minutes with an accompanying instructor.
  • Return to the port.
  • Concluding our trip and re-transfer our valued clients to their Hotels.

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
IncludesRound-trip transfer, meals, equipment, insurance, instructor and guide services.
ExcludesDrinks, photos/videos shooting , personal expenses.
RecommendedTowels, swimwear, comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water.
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