Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 Days

A 2-day tour to Cappadocia Trip from Belek will introduce the amazing beautiful landscape created by nature itself to you and ancient underground cities, cave temples, cells carved into the rocks and other sights of the region. And of course the main highlight - a flight in a hot air balloon

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Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 Days description

Trip to Cappadocia from Belek, a fantastic and unique area. The Goreme National Park is the main attraction of the region and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cappadocia' 2 day tour will be a wonderful variety of your holiday. The excursion will give an unforgettable journey and introduce you to a unique natural phenomenon. Cappadocia appeared millions of years ago after the eruption of volcanoes, centuries later nature under the influence of water and wind, created an incredible landscape, fantastic canyons, stone towers and natural pyramids.

Belek Cappadocia distance

The distance from Belek to Nevşehir (Cappadocia) is 518 kilometers and take the bus 6 hours 18 minutes

Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 Days, which has a tourist density in every month of the year, impresses all local and foreign tourists. This is truly an incredibly beautiful place.

The Cappadocia tour from Belek for 2 days will give you the opportunity to see the extraordinary volcanic formations, which are famous for a large number of monastic settlements, temples in caves, ancient cells and crypts. In addition to all this, a tour from Belek for 2 days will introduce you to the underground cities created in the 1st millennium BC, churches in the rock and cave dwellings! The trip program from Belek is diverse and exciting for 2 days.

On the first day Cappadocia trip from Belek you will be taken from the hotel on an exciting journey.

    On the way we will stop in Seydişehir for breakfast. After that we will go to explore the underground city of Saratli near Nevsehir, after which we will have a delicious buffet lunch in Avanos.

  Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 DaysTurkey we will see magnificent landscapes, rock formations, stone "mushrooms." We will visit the ancient city of Chavushin (cavusin), famous valleys, stone houses, ancient fortresses and monasteries, a city in a rock and a pottery workshop, the "Open Air Museum of Goreme" and more. In the evening we will settle into the hotel for the night in a cave style hotel, built of stones of volcanic tuf rocks. Hotel is a real museum! Everything here is decorated in the old style, a lot of exhibits, expensive decorations, arched ceilings, sofas, carpets and all the decorations allows you to feel in a rich ancient palace! At the hotel we will be waiting for dinner on the buffet system. If you wish, you can attend the entertainment show "Turkish Night in Cappadocia" which is imbued with the eastern atmosphere, music, fire show and traditional dances. On the second day you will have a unique opportunity to see the most beautiful parade of balls at dawn! More than a hundred huge bright balloons soar into the sky against the backdrop of cosmic landscapes and the rising sun! This is an incredible sight, which you can admire and take amazing photos! Even the modos come here for a wedding photo shoot! And the most decisive will be able to make a morning flight in such a hot air balloon over the beautiful landscapes of the valleys! It's an unforgettable experience!

Next in the hotel we will be waiting for breakfast and further acquaintance with Cappadocia. We will make a stop in Uchguzel - Three Beauties, see the center of stones of Anatolia, valley of pigeons, visit the notable fortress Uchhisar and visit the studio of leather. On the way back we will stop at the Caravan Sarai "Oresin Khan." In Konya we will stop for lunch, where we will try local dishes and return to the hotel.

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Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 Days price list

Adult 45€
Children (4 - 8 Ages ) 25€
Infants (0 - 3 Ages ) Free

Tour schedule

Day 1:

  • The excursion to Cappadocia from Belek for 2 days begins with transferring our special guests from their Hotels and moving to the city of Cappadocia.
  • Stopping for breakfast at a place overlooking the Taurus Mountains.
  • Visiting the panorama of Khasan volcano.
  • Visiting the underground city.
  • Lunch break.
  • Visiting the Derwent Valley (Valley of Fantasy).
  • Visiting the Valley of the Monks.
  • Visiting the rock city Chavushin, Church of St. John the Baptist.
  • Panoramic stop in the Valley of Love.
  • Panoramic stop in Ortahisar fortress.
  • Panoramic stop in Uchguzel (Three Beauties).
  • Heading up to the Hotel where we will be staying.
  • Have a tasty dinner at the hotel (buffet)/ (drinks - extra fees).
  • Going to the restaurant, the night of the Turkish show - Anatolian folklore "In Cappadocia" (optional).

Day 2:

  • Hot air balloon flight or hot air balloon panorama (optional).
  • Have a breakfast in the hotel.
  • Departure from the hotel.
  • Visiting the stone center of Anatolia.
  • Visiting the Goreme National Park.
  • Panoramic stop in the Valley of Pigeons.
  • Visiting Uchisar.
  • Visiting the studio of silk leather / Turkish sweets.
  • Visiting Caravanserai Oresin Khan;
  • Lunch break in Konya (national cuisine menu);
  • Concluding our tour and re-transfer our valued clients to their Hotels.

The guide reserves the right to change the order and time of visiting these places, depending on the circumstances!

Need to know in advance

Tour daysEveryday
Tour hours
Includestransfer (comfortable bus), insurance, support of english-speaking guides, hotel accommodation (surcharge is charged for a single room), breakfast on the second day, dinner on the first day.
Excludesbuffet lunch, drinks, transfer to the Balloon Parade (optional), balloon flight (optional).
RecommendedComfortable clothes and shoes, lunch box with breakfast from the hotel (ordered for a day), money for personal expenses.
Cappadocia Trip From Belek For 2 Days
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