Belek sandy beaches

Belek sandy beaches - In Belek, sandy beaches occupy most of the resort. Small pebbles are found in some places, but mostly it is pure white and soft sand

Belek sandy beaches
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The sandy beaches of Belek have received a blue flag for their maximum environmental friendliness and beauty. Just imagine, on one side of the beach there is the azure Mediterranean Sea, on the other - fragrant eucalyptus groves, which saturate the air with useful elements. The coastline is convenient for swimming. The entrance to the water is shallow, which creates comfort for families with small children. The sand on the shore is coarse or fine, pebble zones are very rare. There is everything you need for a beach holiday - sun loungers, changing cabins, toilets, bars and cafes within walking distance. Sometimes leisurely large turtles crawl out onto the sandy beaches of Belek to lay their eggs. But they carry out this work at night in uncrowded places. There are corresponding signs hanging there.

Belek can be conditionally divided into two parts Serik and Kadriye. In the center of the resort there are the beaches of large hotels, which are replaced by golf clubs. But, among them there is a public city beach. In Kadriye, the beach is located in the center of the riviera. It is a little quieter, and there is also plenty of entertainment. On the edge of the beach, there is a city park where you can hide in the heat in the shade of trees. All Belek beaches are ideal for a good rest and swimming, even with little ones. To dilute the beach holiday, a Belek Boat Tour is perfect. This is a fun family excursion on a stylized boat with themed characters. Stops in beautiful bays for swimming and the ancient city of Phaselis, show - program and foamy disco, delicious lunch on board and much more await you.